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💥 Cycle #2 Kickoff

Last updated in Winter 2022

Cycle #2 is starting today (2022-01-03). Since I'm not finished with Lingua Latina or John Danaher's BJJ instructionals, I'll be continuing with projects pertaining to both topics. I'll also be adding a programming project I've been thinking about for a while.

Lingua Latina

In Cycle #1, I aimed to complete six Lingua Latina chapters (one per week). This is doable but it's also easy to miss some days. I actually finished four chapters, which I was pleased with, so for this cycles I'm shooting for four chapters again. That means I will be working on chapters 20–23.

Go Further Faster

When I started doing self-study for BJJ outside of my in-person classes, I went for material that was too advanced. I'm rectifying that by rolling back to more fundamental knowledge. I'm working my way through John Danaher's Go Further Faster series. I completed the guard retention part during the last cooldown, so for this next cycle, I'm aiming to complete three more sections:

  • pin escapes
  • passing the guard
  • open guard

5-Day Email Course

I really enjoyed Oliver Burkeman's 5-day email course that came with a pre-order of his book 4,000 Weeks. I wanted to do the same sort of thing for my own productivity system that I created over the course of 2021 that combines Stoicism, Essentialism, and a little bit of phenomenology.