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❤️ Heartbeat #1

Last updated in Winter 2021

Review of Cycle 1, where I completed most things, but didn't quite finish everything.

Personal Projects

Shape Up: Personal Edition's first cycle is complete. The three main projects for this cycle were:

  1. Complete six chapters in Lingua Latina
  2. Finish the kimura portion of John Danaher's Enter the System
  3. Finish Shift Nudge

Sadly, #1 wasn't completed. I only finished 4 chapters in Lingua Latina. The demands of fatherhood as well as my continuing education in philosophy and jiu-jitsu took up a lot of time and since I really wanted to finish up Shift Nudge, a lot of time got pulled away from Latin. Four chapters isn't bad though, but now that Shift Nudge is complete, I can focus on Lingua Latina as much as I'd like.

Personal Productivity

I got a good grasp on how I want to handle personal productivity going forward. I'm really enjoying using the new paper products I got from Writepads . Their weekly planner is very minimal and well formatted. They also have a nice little ledger memo pad that will be great for daily "closed" lists when my Analog cards run out next year. (Yes, I've decided that I don't want to keep using Analog).


I'm just about finished with The Daily Stoic Journal. It's been a good experience following along with the prompts this past year. For next year, I'm going to be using the Cortex Theme System Journal. I'll continue using The Daily Stoic Journal's prompts, but at half the length for morning and night. Then in the Theme System Journl's large block, I'll reflect on my day following Seneca's nightly questions laid out in On Anger.

  1. What ills did I heal today?
  2. What vices did I resist?
  3. In what aspect am I better?

The only thing I'm not sure about is what to do with the one-line block at the bottom of each page in the journal. I'm leaning towards writing down the next day's highlight like Make Time suggests. This is still up in the air right now, and I'm not worried about changing how I use this block mid-notebook.

Family Life

Marcus is growing up faster than I imagined. He's starting to hold his head up, showing signs of being able to roll over, and figuring out what his hands can do. As much as I miss the tiny baby I brought home in September, I'm excited to see how this older baby is going to develop.