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Giving a Go

Published over 1 year ago 1 min read

The one where I check out another headless CMS, for the second time.

Not much to say here. Just testing out . I'm rather impressed by the ease of setup. I swear I tried this out earlier in the year, and had some sort of issue with it. This time, however, it was a breeze to set up, and I'm really digging it—at least until TinaCMS is ready to work with Vue/Gridsome. Until then, this should do nicely! 🥳

The only issue I really had was getting media uploads to be correctly processed by Gridsome. The trick is, and it doesn’t seem to be documented on the Gridsome docs page, is to add resolveAbsolutePaths: true to your file system source options. Then, you get your media that’s uploaded through Forestry (or Netlify CMS too) to be correctly processed by Gridsome’s g-image component.