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  • Messy (Tim Harford)


  • 4,000 Weeks (Oliver Burkeman)
  • The Antidote (Oliver Burkeman)
  • HELP! (Oliver Burkeman)
  • Courage is Calling (Ryan Holiday)
  • Lives of the Stoics (Ryan Holiday)
  • Anger, Mercy, Revenge (Seneca)
  • Meditations (Marcus Aurelius and Robin Waterfield)
  • Write Useful Books (Rob Fitzpatrick)
  • At the Existentialist Cafe (Sarah Bakewell)
  • Essentialism (Greg McKeowan)
  • Effortless (Greg McKeowan)
  • Man's Search for Meaning (Victor Frankl)
  • Two Meals a Day (Mark Sisson)
  • Phenomenology: The Basics (Dan Zahavi)
  • Getting Real (Jason Fried)
  • It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work (Jason Fried)
  • Shape Up (Ryan Singer)
  • Discourses (Epictetus)
  • That One Should Disdain Hardships (Musonius Rufus)
  • Atomic Design (Brad Frost)