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This site is maintained by Brandon Pittman. You can email any feedback or questions . The source code for this site is publicly available on GitHub .



The site is built upon the React framework, Next.js. It's the best DX I've ever seen. Next.js lets you write React components that can be rendered server-side or client-side and you can create your own API routes and edge middleware.


I'm using Nextra on most pages to easily write up content in MDX, allowing me to mostly just write text and mix in a React component or two if necessary.

Tailwind CSS

All the styling is handled by Tailwind CSS. It's mostly vanilla Tailwind, along with the typography plugin and supplemented by my fancy plugin .

Other styling related libraries used:

  • Heroicons
  • Headless UI


  • Vercel (hosting)
  • Upstash (Redis cache)


  • Neovim