On usePresence

How to use Framer Motion's usePresence with Tailwind CSS.

Framer Motion has a page about reducing bundle size. That page states that if you only import AnimatePresence and usePresence, to just do exit animations with CSS animations, you'd only import 1.4Kb of JavaScript. But they don't provide any example of that. Here you go:

import { AnimatePresence, usePresence } from "framer-motion";
import { classNames } from "~/lib/utils/class-names";
import { useCallback } from "react";

const Box = ({ count }: { count: number }) => {
  const [isPresent, safeToRemove] = usePresence();

  const onAnimationEnd = useCallback(() => {
    if (!isPresent) safeToRemove();
  }, [isPresent, safeToRemove]);

  return (
      className={classNames(isPresent ? "animate-fade-in" : "animate-fade-out")}
      Hello, there! I'm #{count}.

export default function Playground() {
  const [count, setCount] = useState(1);
  const inc = setCount((p: number) => p + 1);

  return (
    <div className="flex flex-col justify-center items-center w-full gap-16">
      <button onClick={inc}>Next &rarr;</button>

      <AnimatePresence exitBeforeEnter>
        <Box key={count} count={count} />

This snippet is also available as a Gist.

The important part of this snippet is the onAnimationEnd event. We use this event to trigger a callback that grabs the isPresent value from usePresence and then if it's false, we call the safeToRemove function returned by usePresence. By doing this, we have a clean way of telling Framer Motion's AnimatePresence component that our animation's done without resorting to using setTimeout, which would likely grow out of sync with our actual animations over time.