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I am a frontend engineer living in Nagoya, Japan but originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I first came to Japan in 2004 for study abroad and after returning to the US for one year to finish my degrees in International Relations and Asian Studies, I returned to Japan as an English teacher. After working in private and public schools for a decade, I became a self-taught programmer. I caught the programming bug while automating OmniFocus . After seeing what could be done with code, I learned Ruby and then Rails in hopes of turning my hobby into a career.

After struggling to find enjoyment with the backend, I realized how much I enjoyed the frontend. While learning a bit of Laravel, I discovered Vue.js and quickly fell in love. I left my job as a teacher and began working in frontend development. Recently interested in functional programming, I got into ReasonML and then ReasonReact. With my newfound passion for functional programming, I found that React made more sense to me than Vue did, beginning my love affair with React.

I'm also deeply passionate about the Tailwind approach to CSS. I've written a number of Tailwind plugins and promote the usage of atomic, functional, and utility-driven CSS whenever and wherever possible.

I'm married to a lovely woman whom I met by total chance at Oktoberfest in Nagoya one lovely day in 2014. She's gorgeous, smart, and most importantly, funny. We keep each other laughing on a daily basis and I'm lucky to have her. No kids yet, but we're working on that.

I play video games in my free time. I love cooking, craft beer, and good whisky. I love a good long bike ride on a nice days and I meet up with local friends to play board games a couple times a month.

If you're ever in need of help building a frontend project in React or Vue, or if you need help with Tailwind CSS, I'm available for client work. You can get in touch with me here.