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Looking for someone to help you build a JAMstack website or frontend-heavy application? You may not even need a backend. If you do, I have experience building web apps using Laravel, Jigsaw, Adonis, Vue, Nuxt, Gridsome, React, Gatsby and BaaS technologies like Netlify and Zeit Now.

I’m your guy for building forward-thinking progressive web apps.

I’ve lived in Japan for over 15 years. If you’re looking to reach a Japanese audience or a Japanese company looking to reach a global audience, I can help. I’ve helped large corporations in Japan better connect with their foreign customers through improved site translations and globally focused UX consultations.

Choose me for my experience of Japan, westerners, and my ability to incorporate the latest technologies to provide better experiences for you customers and increase engagement with them.

You can read check out things I've written on the blog or follow me on Github or Dribbble. You can read my backstory on the About page. If you want to get an idea in general of what I'm doing now, head on over to the Now page

If you'd like to help support my continued work on open source software, or you'd like to say "thanks" for something of mine that you used or read that gave you some benefit, then consider buying me a coffee.